Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paruppu Adai (Mixed dal pancake)

Ingredients :-

Channa dal (gram dal) - 1 cup

Tuvar dal - 1/2 cup

Moong dal - 1/2 cup

Urad dal (black gram) - 1/4 cup

Boild rice - 1/2 cup

Chopped onion - 1 cup

Green chilli (chopped)- 3

Curry leaves (chopped) - 1 teaspoon

Grated coconut -1/2 cup

Asafoetida - 1 pinch

Oil, musturd and urad dal for seasoning...

Method :-

*Soak the dals and rice for 3 hours.

*Grind them into a smooth paste with chilli powder, salt and cumin seed.

*Keep the batter in a bowl and mix the grated coconut in it.

*Pour 3 teaspoons of oil in a pan and add the seasoning, chopped onion , green chillies, asafoetida and chopped curry leaves.

*Saute for 3 minutes and remove it from the flame.

*Add it to the batter, and mix well.

*Make thick pancakes with this batter.
Pour oil on the sides and center and cook both sides until crisp.

*Tasty, spicy paruppu adai ready.

*Serve hot with avial , chutney or jaggery.

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