Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ghee Rice


Basmathi rice - 2 cups

Grated coconut - 2 cups

Cardamom - 2 nos

Cloves - 5 nos

Cinnamon - 1 inch

Bay leaves - 2

Cashew nuts - 15 nos

Raisins - 15 nos

Ghee - 2 tablespoons

Coconut milk + water -  5 1/2 cups

Salt -  to taste

Method :-

Wash the rice and soak for 20 to 30 minutes.

Grind the coconut and extract the milk .

Add enough water and make 5 cups of milk.

You can use coconut milk powder or readymade tin coconut milk too.

Heat ghee in a pressure cooker and add cloves, cardamoms and Cinnamon pieces.

Saute and add the cashew nuts. After the cashews turn golden brown, add bay leaves and raisins.

Pour coconut milk.

Before the milk begins to boil, add the soaked rice and enough salt.

Pressure cook for ten minutes.

Serve hot with chicken, mutton or any Vegetable kurma.

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